Cast of Characters
Meet the gang

Mr. Phil has a comical cast of crazy characters who love to give him the business, but it is all in fun, as his
friends, The Haystack Gang bring laughter and fun to each performance.



bosworthBOSWORTH—A favorite of kids and adults alike is our wise cracking crow from the south.

Bosworth is a fun but never mean or crass character, that delights audiences of all ages with his southern charm and gentle naiveté.

Bosworth is little crow with an old Southern soul, and enjoys a good time with good people and laughter most of all. Bosworth has his own facebook page!




CorkyCORKY Tumbleweed— a favorite of kids everywhere, Corky is a typical smart alec 8 year old cowboy full of snappy come backs for a rootin’ tootin’, rip roaring good time.

Corky delights in deviling Mr. Phil and being a dickens in general
but it’s all good natured and a lot of clean  fun. Corky and Mr.

Phil first teamed up for the stage play Murder for Dummies and have been fast friends ever since.


Aunt Banny


aunt bannyAUNT BANNY HEN-- A sassy southern fried, old maid hen. She wants retire from showbiz to a farm, but Mr. Phil never seems to set up her exit.

She can be a foul fowl at times putting Mr. Phil through his paces but it's all good natured and fun!

She clucks up a storm when she's got her hackles up, and brings a lot of laughter to the show!



Molasses and PhilMOLASSES The UN-Magical Rabbit-- is slow and sweet just like his name sake.
Molasses once worked as a Magician's Rabbit but was let go because he couldn't get the tricks right, so Mr. Phil took pity on him and offered him a job.

Now Molasses is part of the cast, and brings sweetness and humor to the show.



Novelty Puppets

In addition to the Haystack Gang cast members, Mr. Phil features several novelty ventriloquist puppets..

Novelty Puppets

TALKING PRESENT-- Mr. Phil has a wrapped present that will talk. (Birthday or Christmas show.)
TALKING NUTCRACKER-- Mr. Phil will make a wooden Nutcracker come to life and talk. (Christmas show only.)
The HUMAN DUMMY-- Mr. Phil takes a member of the audience and turns them into a human dummy!
MAGIC DRAWING BOARD-- Mr. Phil Draws a face on the drawing board and it comes to life right before your eyes!

the full show
set up qfull show
the full show set up features a professional backdrop stage curtain, and helps transform any venue into a performance space.


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